9 Dangerous Side Effects of Drinking Tea

Side Effects of Drinking Tea

Tea is the most consumed drink in the entire world. Indeed, for huge numbers of us, how great or terrible our day runs is regularly connected with how we begin it and a cup of tea is maybe the most mainstream approach to kick begin your day. Not just this, tea is our most loved sidekick with regards to pulling through long, depleting days at work.

Let’s read on the most hazardous side effects of drinking tea:

tea side effects


Drinking over the top measure of tea can prompt dehydration. An excessive number of cups of tea mean admission of significantly more caffeine content than is required by your body. This can diminish the capacity of your tubules to assimilate the fundamental nutrients exhibit in the nourishment you eat. This can leave your body dehydrated and as an outcome you may likewise feel enlarged and clogged up here and there.


Feeling enlarged of late? May be you’ve drinking excessively tea. The caffeine introduce in the tea may cause bloating in a few people.


On the off chance that you in the end wind up devouring in excess of 2 cups of tea for each day, it is likely that you’ve built up a reliance on the drink. All things considered, on the off chance that you all of a sudden quit drinking tea through and through or bring down its admission, you may encounter withdrawal indications like headache, fatigue, low concentration control and so on.


While discussing the hurtful effects of drinking tea, one factor that rings a bell is the caffeine content present in it. One cup of tea ordinarily has around 14 – 60 milligrams of caffeine. It tends to influence our bodies, subsequently prompting anxiety, restlessness and insomnia. One must, at that point, confine tea utilization with a specific end goal to control such issues.

Risk Of Prostate Cancer

It has been demonstrated that individuals who drank more than 6-7 cups of tea in multi day, are at a half higher danger of getting prostate cancer, than the individuals who drink less or no tea. Be that as it may, different components like age, push, eat less carbs and so forth likewise add to such a condition.


Tea contains caffeine content that can hurt the advancement of hatchling amid pregnancy. Over the top admission of tea conveys a danger of miscarriage with it. In this way, expecting mothers ought to totally stay away from tea or espresso in any event amid the initial three months of their pregnancy. Dark Tea has appeared to build the danger of miscarriage.


Theophylline a compound in the tea can prompt a drying out impact amid digestion, causing constipation. Many trust that taking tea toward the beginning of the day encourages us to have a reasonable defecation, while drinking overabundance measures of tea can cause constipation.

Causes Cardiovascular Problems

Individuals experiencing cardiovascular disorders ought to abstain from drinking abundance tea, as the caffeine in it isn’t fit for the best possible working of cardiovascular framework and subsequently, can represent a genuine medical problem. Green Tea has additionally appeared to lift cardiovascular issues when devoured in overabundance. It might likewise expand your blood pressure. In the event that you are interested, you find out about the side effects of green tea

Skeletal Fluorosis

Drinking excessively tea may prompt skeletal fluorosis, a difficult condition in your bones, as per “The New England Journal of Medicine.” A 2013 article in the diary refered to the instance of a lady with this condition who drank inordinate measures of dark tea for almost two decades. Dark tea contains fluoride, which has the capability of hurting your bones on the off chance that you expend it in extensive sums for a protracted timeframe. Direct tea utilization, notwithstanding, has negligible hazard.

Anything when expended in abundance will have its repercussions. In the event that expended with some restraint, naturally prepared tea offers some medical advantages yet you should remember the side effects of tea.